Hiking North Georgia: Raven Cliff Falls

We love to hike near the North Georgia mountains. The weather is always a little cooler and this time of year the foliage is a little ahead of where we are a little under two hours south.

This particular hike is near Helen, Georgia, is beautiful because there is water the entire trail. The trail follows Dodd Creek, a beautiful small body of water that is a calming background soundtrack to a nature hike.

The trail is dog-friendly and hits right at the 5-mile mark, out and back. Now that I am in my third trimester (31 weeks during this hike!), this is the perfect length for me, and also a great length for our little dogs, Bowie and Dingo, a chihuahua-dachshund and a dachshund mix (we think he has some beagle).

There are so many falls hikes in the area but what struck me about this one was the water all along the trail. It did not disappoint!




The trail is moderate, relatively flat with some up and downs as you go along and is steeper right at the ending where the most climatic of the falls are.







There were awesome campsites along the trail and would be a idyllic and dreamy place to set up camp for a few nights.



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