Journey to Healing and Motherhood

I am nearing my birthing time. I am 34 weeks. I have spent so much time reflecting on this pregnancy. It’s taken a lot of work to truly accept myself. The growth that I’ve encountered is tremendous. I started out nervous, afraid, slightly unstable and skeptical of my ability to do this. Last year was […]

Hiking North Georgia: Raven Cliff Falls

We love to hike near the North Georgia mountains. The weather is always a little cooler and this time of year the foliage is a little ahead of where we are a little under two hours south. This particular hike is near Helen, Georgia, is beautiful because there is water the entire trail. The trail […]

10 Things To Do Right Now To Reduce Anxiety

I am going to preface this by saying I am not a mental health counselor or psychological professional, just a person who has dealt with crippling anxiety her entire life and has only recently dealt with it. While these things are helpful for me and have proved to be amazing coping mechanisms, always reach out […]

My Go-To Yoga Poses For Pregnancy

This year I was enrolled in my 200RYT Yoga Teacher training. By the end of the training, I found out I was pregnant, and also in the later weeks after the training came to a close, fell off the wagon a little bit with my at-home yoga practice. This proved to be illuminating to how […]

Beginning an At-Home Yoga Practice

One of the best things about pursuing my yoga teacher training certificate was truly developing my at-home yoga practice. I had already developed a fairly strong at-home practice, but it wasn’t quite habit, or a structured part of my day. I originally started my home practice for the reasons a lot of people do, that […]